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Dont Turn Me On - Head Resonance - Head Resonance + (CDr, Album)


  1. Sazil says:Pop, Soul, Disco, Rock – Resonance does it all! Sound system that can be set to a level appropriate to any size venue. Lighting to bring colour to the stage and venue. Strong musicians and spine tingling 2 part female harmonies to create a rich full sound.
  2. Gozuru says:All money made from donations or advertising goes into making Resanance better. I use the money to pay for the server, licenses and certificates needed to improve Resanance. Any extra money I split between the smarter developers than me and the support staff who help people like you everyday. Personally I don't get any I just enjoy writing code.
  3. Vunos says:In one sentence, Resonance Tuning™ is a method of restoring compatibility, harmony, and integration in and between energy fields. I believe it works on the same principles as other energy balancing modalities. When the energy system is disrupted, people suffer in a variety of ways. Balance the energy system, people feel and perform better. Resonance Tuning.
  4. Douzilkree says:Nov 09,  · Tuned to match the batter head for maximum resonance, 3C on the 10", 2F on the 14" floor, that's a perfect fifth. For recording, I tune the resonant head higher. Watch Bob Gatzen's video, find the right pitch for the tom, tune to it.
  5. Shaktimi says:Mechanical Resonance is the debut studio album by the American hard rock band Tesla, released in The album was certified platinum by the RIAA on October 5, Song information "Cumin' Atcha Live" is generally the first song played at concerts by the band. It is Genre: Hard rock, glam metal.
  6. Vuramar says:It's beyond the point of optimal resonance and thus using it as a resonant head will not produce a good sound. Batter and resonant heads don't necessarily need to be the same. In fact, it's fairly common to use a thicker (2-ply) batter head with a thinner (1-ply) resonant head.
  7. Voodooramar says:In the year Peter Elsner and Benjamin Heidersberger started the HEAD RESONANCE Company as an interdisciplinary art and research project which concerns itself with the implementation of ideas and the study of the laws how an idea is realizing in space and time. Between 84 the HEAD RESONANCE Company worked in different areas of art: photo, video, grafic, installation, performance.
  8. Arashijas says:Resonant drumheads, shown here. The resonant head resonates when the batter head is hit: It vibrates to give the drum more sustain and tone, and it also helps with volume and projection.. Your resonant head has a big influence on your drum’s overall sound, and part of its job is to act like an equalizer for the drum: Different resonant head types and tunings will bring out different.
  9. Grojinn says:Download legal MP3 albums from Resonance Records at eMusic. Albums starting at $ and songs starting at $

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